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The Complexity of the Political Scene in the United States: Presidential Election and Investigations on Two Important Leaders

The Complexity of the Political Scene in the United States:

Presidential Election and Investigations on Two Important Leaders


Prof. Dr. Dr. Ümit Yazıcıoğlu



The United States is gradually approaching the presidential elections, which are met with great interest and excitement in the political arena every period. This country, known for presenting the glamour and diversity of the entertainment industry like Hollywood to the world, witnesses a traditional anticipation when choosing the White House president. However, this election season is unfolding in an unusual manner, not only due to the investigations targeting Republican Donald Trump but also the Democratic main contender Joe Biden.


The competition and rivalry among leaders, candidates, and parties on the political stage have always been a distinct feature of American democracy. However, in recent times, a series of events beyond this competition, almost resembling movie scripts, is taking place. As announced by Chairman James Comer of the Oversight Committee, prominent figures of the Republican Party are preparing to take significant steps to investigate corruption allegations concerning the Biden family. This situation further escalates the tension in the political scene and emerges as a development closely affecting society.


In addition to the corruption allegations, another issue capturing the attention of American media and the public is the legal situation of Donald Trump. Investigations into tax and other matters related to both the former president and his rival Joe Biden's families are creating a stormy atmosphere in the political arena. This article will delve into the complexity of the political scene in the United States, the presidential election process, and the effects of investigations on two crucial leaders, Biden and Trump.



The Determination of the 47th President of the United States Slowly Unfolds: Investigation of Two Prominent Leaders


As the United States approaches the determination of its 47th president, the process is unfolding gradually. In a nation that presents Hollywood and other treasures to the world through its entertainment industry, the selection of the White House president is traditionally met with considerable anticipation. However, the current election period has taken an unusual turn due not only to investigations against Republican Donald Trump but also those directed towards his main rival, Democrat Joe Biden.


The complexity of the political landscape in the United States has drawn considerable attention. This is particularly true in the context of the investigations surrounding two key figures: Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The Oversight Committee's Chairman, James Comer, has stated that the Republican Party, mainly consisting of conservatives, intends to summon members of the Biden family to testify within the scope of investigations into corruption allegations.


Among the individuals to be called for testimony are not only Hunter but also James, the president's nephew, engaged in various commercial transactions. Additionally, plans include the testimonies of other family members who have received payments from foreign sources, including China, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and other countries.


It is plausible for the President himself to be listed in this regard. Furthermore, Representative Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of the House of Representatives had previously stated that this matter could potentially lead to the impeachment process of Joe Biden. According to Comer, intensive research has led to the accumulation of significant evidence related to corruption arrangements and crimes, including credible witnesses' testimonies and bank transfers involving members of the Biden family.


"In bank records, we have found further evidence that millions of dollars, primarily directed towards Joe Biden and including his tenure as Vice President, have continued to be paid to the Biden family globally. Just a few months ago, the President and the media told us that no payments were made to his family while he was Vice President. This was not true. Additionally, he stated that his family did not receive money from China. This, too, was not accurate," the politician remarked.


However, following the testimonies of three key witnesses well-informed about the Biden family's tax matters, calls for removal have intensified in recent weeks.


Firstly, two IRS informants detailed the alleged "privileged treatment" Hunter received during the ongoing investigation, testifying before Congress. Officials of the Department of Justice claimed that their crimes were illegally obstructed.


Republicans also countered claims that President Biden's former close friend and business partner, Devon Archer, knew nothing about his son's business deals.


Finally, the most significant document was the FBI's FD-1023 form. Allegedly containing information about numerous meetings and encounters since 2015, the form details data from a "highly reliable" source. This source essentially disclosed corruption plans in Ukraine and was compensated $200,000 by the FBI for providing this information. Furthermore, it elaborately explained the process by which millions of dollars in bribes were received to successfully halt the case against Burisma. Let us recall the call for the dismissal of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who initiated an investigation into Burisma in 2016, by Joe Biden. Shokin was dismissed in April 2016. Former Ukrainian Prosecutor Yuriy Sevruk stated that Biden had asked then Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to dismiss Shokin and, following his resignation, claimed that the U.S. provided $1 billion in financial aid to Kiev.


For a considerable period, the FBI and the Department of Justice resisted providing various information to Congress, but eventually had to backtrack. Additionally, Prosecutor Merrick Garland had appointed a special prosecutor in the Hunter case. Similarly, a special prosecutor was appointed in this case last year, related to the investigation of Trump's activities.


Despite the efforts of much of the American media to support the Democrats and do their utmost to conceal information against them, the truth is gradually emerging, negatively impacting the current president and his surroundings. Therefore, it seems that dark clouds are looming over the Biden family.


However, in parallel, pressure on the main rival, Donald Trump, is intensifying. He faces several criminal cases with a combined potential sentence of 641 years. Although the exact years of imprisonment Biden may face are not clear yet, it is evident that a substantial period is at stake.


Thus, as the American elections draw closer, both Democrats and Republicans find themselves in an intriguing tableau where both leaders are facing serious investigations due to their actions. While this may seem like a distant concern for Joe Biden while in the White House, it remains a tangible reality for Trump. District Judge Beryl Howell and Special Counsel Jack Smith express concerns about Trump being a "flight risk" and evading trial by boarding his private jet and leaving the borders of America.


And from this arises the question - which country Trump may choose for residence and whether representatives of the Biden family should examine migration possibilities next year.



This article focuses on the complexity of the political landscape in the United States prior to the presidential election. Alongside the glitzy world of Hollywood, the investigations surrounding two significant leaders, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, also come into spotlight. As stated by Chairman James Comer of the Oversight Committee, the investigations regarding corruption allegations concerning the Biden family are being closely followed. Furthermore, Trump's legal situation and the investigations into the Biden family's tax matters are also impacting the political arena. In this article, the impact of this complexity and investigations on the American political scene is examined.



August 16, 2023, Cambridge




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